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More about Place Plans

Place Plans offer local communities, usually led by Town and Community Councils, a formal opportunity to add a very local layer of detail to the broader strategic plans produced by local planning authorities. So, a Place Plan: 


  • Sets out local level planning guidance on the use and development of land

  • links into, strengthens and localises planning policies developed by the County Council   

  • is written by local people who know an area well and can add more detail to the work done by local authority planners and 

  • can include a non-planning part covering a wide range of local issues. 


Through creative collaboration with the local planning authority, local communities can develop community-led guidance in their Place Plan to help achieve local aspirations in terms of future planning. 

What status do Place Plans have?

Conwy County Borough Council are preparing a Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) for the period 2018 - 2033. This plan will allocate land for development, designate areas for protection and contain policies to provide the basis for decisions on planning applications. 


 The Colwyn Place Plan will be prepared alongside the RLDP offering a mechanism for local participation and information and evidence gathering to shape and inform policy development for the Bay of Colwyn.  


The Colwyn Place Plan can become Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG). 

Do we have to prepare a Place Plan?

No. It is an opportunity for communities to engage with the planning system introduced by the Welsh Government. A Place Plan can be used to enable positive and proactive input into the local planning system, offering your community more influence over planning decisions adding your very local detail to Conwy’s Replacement Local Development Plan and Well-Being Plan. 


The evidence and information which underpins your Place Plan can also be used to secure funding for identified actions and projects in the future.


The team wishes to have a conversation with the local community about all aspects of community life within the Bay of Colwyn – so please get involved!

What is the relationship between the Place Plan and the Conwy Council LDP?

The Colwyn Place Plan will give the communities of Colwyn Bay and its neighbouring communities of Old Colwyn to the East and Rhos-on-Sea to the West an opportunity to add a local layer of detail to the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) which is currently being prepared by Conwy County Borough Council.


The Place Plan evidence gathered from the Bay of Colwyn communities over the coming months will be given to the planning team at Conwy County Borough Council for consideration.   


Once the draft Colwyn Place Plan is finalised - it will go forward to Conwy County Borough Council for their approval.  The aim is to get the Place Plan adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG).  


The Place Plan will give the communities in the Bay of Colwyn an opportunity to have a say in how their area develops over the next 10 to 15 years and will encourage greater community involvement in planning decision making.   


The Bay of Colwyn community plan team is a steering group of interested parties who are driving the process of preparing the Colwyn Place Plan.  The aim is to encourage greater community engagement in local planning and wellbeing and involve the local community in decision-making.  


Though managed overall by the community plan team - preparation of the Place Plan really is a collaborative exercise. Making sure that our local community and businesses are aware and involved will be central to the process of preparing the Place Plan. 

Conwy County Borough Council are on board and will provide evidence, information, guidance and help. 
The Town Council is supported in this work by Planning Aid Wales. 

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